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HomeTronix Relationship with TruAudio Runs Deeper than Products

Arkansas-based HomeTronix meets a range of client needs through the use of TruAudio custom and standard speaker products, and a strong relationship with the Utah-based manufacturer.

Good customer service always stands out because of its increasing rarity.  Too often these days there are stories in the news of poor airline, automotive dealerships, restaurants and other service issues.  However, since 2014 custom service hasn’t been an issue for the Arkansas integration company HomeTronix.  

Working with the Utah-based electronics manufacturer TruAudio, HomeTronix is able to deliver high levels of its own customer service with the help of the speaker company, its custom speaker products and a tight relationship with the audio manufacturer.

As a result, through its high levels of customer support that are built through relationships such as its partnership with TruAudio, HomeTronix is prospering by offering unique AV installations in the Jonesboro and Little Rock communities.

A Call Away from TruAudio Custom Support

With a standard product line that includes its Beatdrop pendant speakers and Sat3 in-room speakers, as well as its array of architectural loudspeakers, TruAudio provides a comprehensive selection of residential and 70-volt commercial solutions.

Stepping its product capabilities to a higher level, John Campbell, sales executive, HomeTronix, says that TruAudio’s custom options are literally as simple as making a phone call.

“I can sum it up [the custom speaker experience] quite simply: I picked up the phone and shared my vision with Chelsea Bohacek, internal support/ASM, Kary Wawrzyniak, executive vice president, operations, and Natalee Hoff, senior vice president, sales and marketing, [of TruAudio], and they said, ‘O.K.’ we’ll make it happen,” he boasts.


“I don’t think it gets easier than that.”

Campbell says that between TruAudio’s broad product line and its custom solutions HomeTronix is able to meet the needs of every application his company encounters.

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A recent installation challenge HomeTronix encountered was a commercial job that required a custom solution to solve a specific customer requirement.

“We did a large-scale install for a new intercontinental Hotel being built and incorporated a 3×3 video wall in the foyer and needed 24/7 audio as an IHG hotel requirement so I asked TruAudio to build a commercial-grade 16-foot wide soundbar that would fit the exact dimensions of the video wall and it turned out perfect,” recalls Campbell.

Filling out the rest of the job, Campbell points out that HomeTronix installed 28 TruAudio CL-70V-6 commercial speakers on the hotel’s first floor to meet the 24/7 music and dispersion requirements of the hotel.

Custom Installation is a Relationship Industry

It is often said that integrators don’t market because word-of-mouth referrals are the foundation of their business. Those referrals would never happen if integrators didn’t develop relationships with their clients, and relationships also serve as the backbone integrator vendor alliances.

According to Campbell, the relationship between HomeTronix and TruAudio extends beyond loudspeakers to form a much tighter bond between the companies.

“I could easily say great things again about the wide array of products and ability to create anything I think up, but when I think of TruAudio, the first thing that comes to mind is the relationship aspect [between the companies]. In the world we live in you rarely find people who are sincerely nice people willing to go above and beyond,” he emphasizes.

“In my opinion, the reason they fit me so well is because I wear a lot of hats in our company from sales to installation as I feel so many do in our industry, and time runs short so often. With TruAudio I can pick up the phone anytime of the day and ask a question or place an order or get a part replaced no questions asked except, ‘how fast do you need it?’ I don’t think I have ever ordered an item and not heard that phrase which is awesome to me. I do 95 percent of my ordering with TruAudio over the phone driving place to place and that is a huge benefit to me personally.”

Campbell adds that TruAudio and its products and policies are not exclusive to HomeTronix either. Campbell in fact, recommends that other dealers take advantage of the Utah manufacturer’s products and services to bolster their companies’ revenues in these highly competitive times.

“I have made so many friendships with other dealers because of TruAudio throughout the country—they strive to help you build resources beyond just your audio needs and that says a lot about a company,” states Campbell.

“They aren’t just selling you something—they really strive to help you grow your business and I guarantee that any person in this industry could pick up their phone and call the president of the company Bryan Garner or a senior VP like Natalee or my personal sales rep Chelsea and they will answer or call you right back and you will feel like you are speaking to your best friend.”

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