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Compelling Reasons to Make Your House a Smart Home


How the Best Home Automation Companies Improve Your Home and Add Luxury to Your Life

Are you living life to the fullest? You may think you are. But then again, you could be missing out on innovative technologies that enhance your living experience. You may have a smartphone, a smartwatch, or a smart car, but is your home smart? We’re not talking about an Alexa assistant or another smart speaker. Instead, we mean a robust home automation system.

Take your home into the 2020s and beyond by using experienced home automation companies in Bentonville, AR. From automated lighting control and motorized shades, to innovative security systems and custom home theaters, you gain complete control by installing a Control4 smart system. Read more to learn why you should make your home smarter.

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Automation Will Let You Appreciate Lighting in a New Way


You'll Experience Work, Entertainment, and Relaxation Differently With Automated Lighting

Have you ever been frustrated at the lights in your Jonesboro home? Do you sometimes wish they could change their colors and brightness throughout the day, without you having to switch out the bulbs? When you’re entertaining, do you want to have specific lights to create the perfect atmosphere? How about having to deal with various knobs and switches — that can be a pain when living in a home with a ton of lighting fixtures.

If any of that resonates with you, we’re here to tell you that the right lighting control system can solve all of those concerns. Keep reading to find out how automated lighting can add productivity, relaxation, convenience, and customization to your Arkansas home and life.

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3 Outdoor Entertainment Upgrades That You Need This Summer


Outdoor motorized shades, entertainment systems, and lighting will enhance your outdoor experience

Summer is here, and you are likely to spend more time outdoors than ever, as it is more difficult to travel. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your backyard to get the most out of your summer. Enjoy movie nights under the stars, pool parties late into the night, or afternoon grilling experiences. Read our latest blog to learn three ways to enhance your outdoor entertainment experience in Memphis, TN.

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3 Benefits Of Audio Video Distribution


Increase productivity and appeal to customers with a new audio video system

Your business relies on its technology to function and enhance your customers' experience. Audio video distribution is an essential component of this, and if it is outdated, it can affect your business' bottom line. An AV professional can help upgrade your equipment to meet today’s demands. How can an integrated A/V solution enhance and simplify operations at your restaurant, retail location, or conference room? Read our latest blog to learn how an audio video distribution system will improve your Rogers, AR area business. 

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3 Ways A Lighting Control System Will Enhance Your Home


Proper lighting control will add style, safety, and energy savings to your home

Lighting plays a central role in the ambiance of your home. When you have a simple lighting control system with just "on" and "off" functions, you miss out on the opportunity to further customize your home's décor. A smart light system allows you to adjust the intensity and the color of your lighting so that you can accent your décor beautifully. Read our latest blog to learn three ways that a lighting control system will enhance your Memphis area home.

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