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Go Beyond On or Off with Lighting Automation

kitchen counter sink with a wall-mounted TV above it showing a Control4 interface

Enhance Your Daily Living with Technology from HomeTroniX

Technology has carved a niche for itself in the interior design world, revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with our Little Rock living spaces. Among the most transformative smart home technology trends is lighting automation

Gone are the days when a light switch was the only way to adjust the ambiance. Today, automated lights go beyond functionality; they elevate your Arkansas home’s interior design to new heights. Keep reading to learn more. 

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How Hidden Technology Combines Modern Tech and Traditional Style

Hidden technology is a great way to blend technology with design.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With These Innovative Design Solutions

There is something nostalgic about older, more traditional-style homes. Today’s homeowners who seek this historical style may love the beautiful woodwork and intricate designs yet also desire new modern features. Today’s technology does not demand that homeowners choose one style or the other—there is a growing market for blending modern conveniences with beloved traditional settings. The challenge, however, is how to do this without disturbing the aesthetics of your historic home. 

Continue reading to explore how HomeTroniX can help integrate modern smart tools using hidden technology in your Bentonville, AR, area home.

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The Benefits of Professional Home Theater Installation

Professionally installed home theater in Bentonville, AR


Whether it’s your love of comfortable home spaces or the tech-geek side of your personality that convinced you to build a home theater, it’s a great idea. Still, don’t let the excitement take over the rational side of your brain—it’s still much easier to hire a professional than DIY the project. 

Leave home theater installation in your Bentonville, AR, home to the pros! Here are some of the unique benefits it can offer:

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5 Common Motorized Blind Myths—Busted!

bedroom with motorized blinds

Debunking Myths and Clearing Misconceptions About Smart Window Coverings

Motorized blinds are increasingly becoming a popular smart home upgrade for all the right reasons. Still, regardless of popularity, plenty of myths circulate about them, needlessly preventing homeowners from investing in this wonderful smart home feature.

Let’s bust some of the prevailing myths about motorized blinds in Little Rock, AR, to help more people realize their benefits so they can start enjoying them in their homes.

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Amplify Entertainment All Year with Outdoor Speakers

Triad outdoor speakers installed among the mulch around a plant

Let the Music Flow with a Premium Speaker System Design and Installation

Summer just started, yet before we know it, the leaves will begin to turn, and the crisp fall air will be here! Regardless of the season, bringing your audio/video entertainment outside with you is always a great idea, whether it's a pool party, bonfire, or just an evening hangout with friends.

So many homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their outdoor living spaces, and one of the most impactful additions you can make for year-round excitement is a sound system with premium outdoor speakers. There's no better team to bring this vision to life than HomeTroniX. Keep reading to learn how you can amplify your outdoor entertainment prospects in Jonesboro, AR, and beyond. 

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