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Get High-Quality Home Networking for All of Your Devices

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Learn about the Importance of a Reliable Network in a Smart Home

When you own a smart home, you want everything to run, well, smartly! Otherwise, what’s the point of having smart home technologies? However, if you don’t prioritize sourcing a quality home networking company to power your network devices, you could find yourself in a tough spot. 

An effective home internet and Wi-Fi network will get you through your day with ease and prevent you from experiencing any technology interruptions while you work or enjoy your leisure time. You’ll need to make sure you opt for a system that can handle all of your smart technology for the best results.

At HomeTroniX, we make sure you have the best home networking system so your smart home in Jonesboro, AR operates optimally. Please keep reading to learn more about our offerings.

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Home Networking Brings Your Favorite Entertainment Outdoors


Enjoy a high-speed connection no matter where you are on your property

There is no doubt that a robust home network is essential to your everyday activities. You use the internet to telecommute to work, attend online classes, stream 4K TV shows, and connect with the world. So why not bring this convenience to your outdoor spaces? Your internet performance doesn’t have to suffer just because you are outside! Learn how HomeTroniX can expand your home networking system to your outdoor living spaces in Rogers, AR.

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Upgrade Your Home Network to Wi-Fi 6


The latest Wi-Fi technology can support faster speeds and more smart devices in your Bentonville home

Americans are using their home networks more than ever, making a robust and reliable network infrastructure no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. As you put strain on your bandwidth, you might notice slower speeds, dead zones, or even a connection that continually fails. These are all good signs that you need to upgrade to a better home network. But should you replace your home network with the newest technology, Wi-Fi 6? Read on to learn more about Wi-Fi 6 and how it will improve the home networking system in your Bentonville area home.

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Is It Time For A Home Networking Upgrade?


Learn three signs that indicate you need to upgrade to a more robust home network

Think of all the devices that connect to your home network. It is an essential component of your daily routines as you telecommute to work, attend online classes, and stream your favorite TV shows. When your connection is strong, it adds convenience to your life and streamlines your daily activities. When it is not working, it causes frustration and stress because you cannot perform critical functions. If you are having issues with your internet, it might be time to upgrade to a more robust home network. Keep reading to learn some telltale signs you need a home networkingupgrade in your Memphis, TN home.

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