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The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Motorized Shades


Enjoy the benefits of automated window treatments both indoors and outdoors

Automated window treatments have become more popular in recent years, and with good reason. With just the tap of a button, homeowners can open or close every window treatment in their home. But did you know that motorized window treatments aren’t limited to just inside your home? Exterior motorized shades can also add convenience to your lifestyle! Discover the key differences between exterior and interior motorized shades in Little Rock, AR.

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Add Motorized Blinds to These Rooms


Add convenience to your lifestyle by installing automated window treatments throughout your home

No one likes getting up to adjust the shades. Wrestling with the cords, finding the perfect angle, and making changes throughout the day all cause unneeded stress. It is no wonder that some homeowners leave their shades permanently closed. Automated window treatments eliminate these frustrations by allowing you to adjust your shades with just the touch of a button on a remote or smart device. Read on to learn four rooms that need motorized blinds in your Memphis, TN home.

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