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Going Beyond Audio & Video with Your Home Theater Design

closeup of a projector’s light beam

Enjoy These Must-Have Additions in Your Personal Cinema Space

Everyone knows that larger-than-life audio and video experiences are the main draws to upgrading entertainment spaces, but did you know there are other details you can add that will take your home theater design to new levels of excitement? 

From luxurious, plush seating perfect for movie marathons to a picture-perfect design scheme, a media room or home theater can reflect your personal style while immersing viewers in jaw-dropping scenes and heart-stopping gameplays! Movies, games, sports, TV shows, and other media are all better when you partner with a professional home theater integration team like HomeTroniX. 

Read along below to discover five of our favorite must-have additions to home theater rooms in Memphis, TN, and beyond!

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Collaboration Is Key For A Media Room Or Home Theater Installation You’ll Love

large screen TV mounted above a fireplace with a seating area in front of it

What To Look For When Choosing An AV Professional

Are you ready to install a home theater or upgrade your existing media space? If you are, consider working with a team of experienced integrators like HomeTroniX. We are the Bentonville, AR, area’s home theater experts and would love to collaborate with you on a new or renovated installation. 

Of course, we understand if you need to consider your options before choosing our team for your special project. Continue reading this blog for suggestions on what to look for when choosing a professional team to work with on your home theater installation so you can achieve the entertainment outcomes you have in mind.

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Create the Home Theater of Your Dreams with Customized Design

An elegant home theater with acoustic paneling, a sectional, and Screen Innovations Zero Edge movie screen.

Discover the Essential Features of an Immersive Cinematic Experience

Due to the incredible advancements in home audio and video technology, more people than ever are considering creating the ultimate entertainment space. For many in the Memphis, TN, area, that means crafting a home theater. 

Then, they start thinking about the many details, and their initial joy turns into hesitance and procrastination. After all, life gets busy, and who has time to research the myriad of details involved in home theater design?

That’s where HomeTroniX comes in. Our expert home theater designers, project managers, and certified technicians have built many home theaters, always with the goal of exceeding our client's expectations. Ultimately, you'll find that this is the room where family and friends gather, a space to enjoy yourself to the fullest with those you love!

Let’s explore the makings of home theaters in the blog below! 

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A Private Home Theater Is Luxury At Its Finest!


3 Ways to Enhance Your Home Cinema Nights

Let's be honest: Our homes could do so much more for us! We spend a great amount of time in them, and it only seems right to be comfortable in our own living spaces. Imagine what home automation at your Bentonville, AR, home could do for your family every single day for functionality and entertainment purposes. A home cinema installation is the perfect way to magnify your film-watching experience to a whole new level. Keep reading to learn three ways you can enhance your movie nights with cutting-edge technology.

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3 Ways To Install Hidden TVs In Your Home


Perfectly blend form and function with these hidden audio video solutions

Televisions have become an essential component of any American household. Most people have televisions in the media room, the living room, the bedroom, and more. As nice as having a lot of TVs is, it can be inconvenient to style your home around them.

Don’t settle for black screen eyesores throughout your home. Integrate your television displays with hidden audio video solutions that add to your décor rather than detract from it. Read on to learn three ways to install hidden TVs in your Memphis, TN area home.

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3 Reasons a Custom Home Theater Is Better Than Your Local Cinema


Enjoy More Content Choices, Better Picture and Custom Surround Sound at Home

Anyone who has been to the movies knows nothing quite compares to the emotional experience of sitting in undisturbed darkness while immersed in larger-than-life picture and enveloping sound.

Now, the experience that was once reserved only for the cinema can live right inside the comfort of your home, thanks to incredible advancements in streaming content and the quality of audiovisual solutions.

Below, explore three ways a custom home theater designed by our team at HomeTroniX not only brings the cinematic viewing experience to your Jonesboro, AR home but outweighs making the trip to the nearby movie theater.

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