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How Automation Helps You Reap the Benefits of Circadian Lighting


Experience a Lighting Solution That Anticipates Your Needs

How can you ensure the benefits of sunlight extend to the indoors? Add tunable lighting fixtures with color temperatures that mimic daylight. These fixtures combined with a lighting control system result in circadian lighting that improves your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Automation is vital in getting your circadian lighting to change throughout the day to match the sun's natural progression. Get the most out of the circadian lighting in your Jonesboro, AR, by crafting dedicated scenes that direct color temperature to shift according to an astronomical clock.

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3 Ways To Install Hidden TVs In Your Home


Perfectly blend form and function with these hidden audio video solutions

Televisions have become an essential component of any American household. Most people have televisions in the media room, the living room, the bedroom, and more. As nice as having a lot of TVs is, it can be inconvenient to style your home around them.

Don’t settle for black screen eyesores throughout your home. Integrate your television displays with hidden audio video solutions that add to your décor rather than detract from it. Read on to learn three ways to install hidden TVs in your Memphis, TN area home.

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Whole-Home Automation Brings Innovation to Life


Update Your Living Experience with Smart Technologies from Control4 and Crestron

Living is easier and much better when you live in a smart home in Bentonville, AR. It’s likely you’ve heard about smart technologies by now, and you even have some in your home, such as a smart light bulb, smart doorbell, or advanced security system. But don’t stop there! If a few smart products add more luxury and convenience to your life, then just think what whole-home automation can do. By integrating more technologies throughout your home under one system, you enjoy complete control that takes your living experience to a whole new level of luxury.

A Control4 or Crestron home automation system does it for you. You’ll have seamless control of all of your home’s systems – from the lights and motorized shades to your home entertainment and TruAudio whole-home sound system. Keep reading to discover how Control4 and Crestron elevate your life.

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Why You Need A Smart Security System


Protect your home with the convenience of the Alarm.com app

The last thing that you want to be worried about right now is the security of your home. Alarm.com makes protecting your home easy with an app that can conveniently be accessed on your smart device of choice. Security is always at your fingertips with an app that lets you manage locks, cameras, and even thermostats from anywhere in the world. For greater peace of mind, you’ll even receive security updates through your app to stay looped in on your home’s status at all times.

Learn more about how a smart security system will make your life easier in Jonesboro, AR.

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Are You Taking Advantage of Your Control4 Smart Home System?


Learn How Control4 Can Help You Become a Better Host, Traveler and Energy Saver

A Control4 home automation system makes life simpler, safer, and more comfortable for you and your family so you can focus more on what matters most. By connecting all your disparate smart home technology devices into a single platform, you have the power to command and automate your whole home from a single controller—whether you’re there or away.

When you truly take advantage of your Control4 home automation system, you’ll never have to think twice about entertaining pressures, your home’s safety, or your energy use. Make the most of your smart home in Little Rock, AR by using your Control4 system in the following ways.


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How Can Motorized Shades Do More Than Add Convenience?


Make the Most of Your Motorized Blinds and Shades with These Control Tips

One of the most coveted benefits of upgrading your home with motorized blinds and shades is the convenience it adds to your daily life. Automating the repetitive task of lifting and lowering window treatments saves time and eliminates the frustration of finicky cords and strings.

But convenience isn’t the only benefit motorized blinds and shades bring to the table. If you’re considering adding motorized window treatments to your Memphis, TN home, read on to learn three more ways this smart solution can elevate your lifestyle.


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