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How to Connect Employees With a Collaborative Conference Room Design

A team participates in a virtual meeting in an office conference room.

Productive Meeting Experiences Bring Remote and In-Office Teams Together

Collaboration is vital to successful hybrid and remote work, but without the right technology solutions to support virtual meetings, the experiences tend to fall flat. Enhance the collaborative environment of your conference rooms with an updated design that supports this type of distance communication.

Upgrading your conference room design is necessary, even if you do not employ a remote workforce. That’s because your clients and vendors may prefer face-to-face virtual meetings. In addition, investing in this meeting technology can reduce travel budgets and enhance phone conversations with more connected experiences.

Continue reading to learn how to update your conference room design for more connected and collaborative meetings in your Memphis, TN, office.

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Prepare for a Successful 2023 With An Updated Conference Room Design

 Meeting room with an elegant and professional conference room design

Drive Business Growth With an Optimized Conference Room 

Your conference room is the heart of your Little Rock, AR, office. It’s where you meet with clients (in-person and remotely) make important business decisions, and collaborate with team members to come up with plans and strategies that will help grow the business. However, a conference room with poor lighting and faulty technology will not help you achieve these goals. 

A technology company like HomeTroniX can help by integrating systems that will take your daily operations to another level. Good conference room design can boost productivity, inspire collaboration, and can help you sell your business to potential clients. Keep reading to learn more!

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4 Must-Haves for Premium Conference Room Design

Beautiful, light conference room design with motorized shades, lights, and AV equipment.

Streamline and Improve Productivity in Meetings With These Technologies

Conference rooms are one of the most important rooms in an office. It’s where you make a first impression on potential clients, encourage and motivate your team, and discuss important issues that can impact the success of your business. Such an important space needs a design that can impress outsiders, motivate employees, and streamline meetings. Keep reading to see four technologies that can enhance your Memphis, TN, conference room design

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Empower Your Organization with Crestron’s Conference Room Technology


Control Your Collaboration Space from One Easy-to-Use Platform

Today’s workspace has transformed from one location to a global, collaborative environment. Walls no longer define a business. And as the digital revolution continues, so does the transformation of where and how we work.

Global, cloud-based video conferencing is increasing at an astronomical rate. Even before the pandemic struck, video conferencing usage had increased by 880% from October 2014-2018. It’s estimated that, in 2022, 90% of North American companies will spend more on video conferencing and that 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025.

Are you ready to create a collaborative workplace that defines today’s global marketplace?

For over four decades, Crestron has been a global leader in collaborative solutions and conference room design. So let's look at what the leader in workplace technology can do for your Jonesboro, AR business.

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Don’t Forget These 3 Essential Technologies In Your Conference Room Design


Streamline meetings and simplify communication with these must-have products

Your meeting spaces are essential to facilitating collaboration between your employees. Don’t let technology woes disrupt meetings and presentations; invest in technology that is easy to use and adds value to your communication. When planning the design of your conference room, there is some technology that you should consider essential. Read on to learn three critical technologies that you need to include in your conference room design for your Memphis, TN, business.


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