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Explore the Latest Advancements in Home Theater Design


Comfort, Competition, and Automation Impacting Home Theaters

Home entertainment has advanced dramatically in the last several years, with home theaters leading the charge. From audio-video technology that delivers an immersive 3D experience to design that ranges from minimalist to ultra-modern, far-reaching customized cinemas are the norm. 

And the changes keep coming.

Here, we’ll explore some of the latest trends, from extreme comfort to augmented reality and entertainment spaces designed for gaming, golf, and musical immersion. Let’s see what’s transpiring in the world of home theater design. One of these ideas might just spur you into action, adopting the latest technology into your Memphis, TN, home.

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Going Beyond Audio & Video with Your Home Theater Design

closeup of a projector’s light beam

Enjoy These Must-Have Additions in Your Personal Cinema Space

Everyone knows that larger-than-life audio and video experiences are the main draws to upgrading entertainment spaces, but did you know there are other details you can add that will take your home theater design to new levels of excitement? 

From luxurious, plush seating perfect for movie marathons to a picture-perfect design scheme, a media room or home theater can reflect your personal style while immersing viewers in jaw-dropping scenes and heart-stopping gameplays! Movies, games, sports, TV shows, and other media are all better when you partner with a professional home theater integration team like HomeTroniX. 

Read along below to discover five of our favorite must-have additions to home theater rooms in Memphis, TN, and beyond!

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Create the Home Theater of Your Dreams with Customized Design

An elegant home theater with acoustic paneling, a sectional, and Screen Innovations Zero Edge movie screen.

Discover the Essential Features of an Immersive Cinematic Experience

Due to the incredible advancements in home audio and video technology, more people than ever are considering creating the ultimate entertainment space. For many in the Memphis, TN, area, that means crafting a home theater. 

Then, they start thinking about the many details, and their initial joy turns into hesitance and procrastination. After all, life gets busy, and who has time to research the myriad of details involved in home theater design?

That’s where HomeTroniX comes in. Our expert home theater designers, project managers, and certified technicians have built many home theaters, always with the goal of exceeding our client's expectations. Ultimately, you'll find that this is the room where family and friends gather, a space to enjoy yourself to the fullest with those you love!

Let’s explore the makings of home theaters in the blog below! 

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How The Perfect Home Theater Design Will Change How You Entertain


Discover three ways that a dedicated cinema will improve your home entertainment experience

Nothing beats a weekend spent binge-watching Netflix or a movie night with your family. But, if you have been spending more time enjoying your favorite media at home, you might have realized that your audio video equipment needs an upgrade. After all, why not make a home entertainment oasis in the comfort of your home? A custom home theater designed by our experts at HomeTroniX offers many features perfect for bringing your favorite TV shows and movies to life. Keep reading to learn three ways that creating the ideal home theater design will improve the way you experience home entertainment in Memphis, TN.

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3 Home Theater Design Mistakes To Avoid


Avoid these common mistakes in your Memphis home theater

Home theaters have become more prevalent in the past several years. It might be tempting to do a do it yourself installation now that you’re spending more time at home. But when you complete a home theater installation on your own, there is a potential for several mistakes to be made. Learn what mistakes you need to avoid making when completing your home theater design in Memphis, TN and how a professional can help you avoid these common pitfalls.

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