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How Lighting Automation Helps Luxury Homeowners Ring in the New Year

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Discover the Endless Convenience and Holiday Joy Automated Lighting Brings!

Many homeowners understand the importance of creating a memorable atmosphere for any gathering. Hosting a sophisticated soirée requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to lighting.

Setting the perfect ambiance for your celebrations should be a breeze, all while saving time and energy. Lighting automation can make this dream a reality, offering convenience and style that complements any party. 

Read on to learn more about how lighting automation helps luxury homeowners make their Little Rock, AR, celebrations (and more) truly special. 

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Enhance Your Home With a Lighting Control System


Renovate Your Residence And Find Comfort in All Your Spaces With Lighting Solutions

Improve your day-to-day living with a lighting control system that lets you design a more refreshing and restorative home environment. With proper lighting, you can greatly improve concentration, comfort, and even your entire family's health.

A lighting control system will transform every room in your Memphis, TN, home into an attractive space with lighting expertly selected to boost its décor and usability. Read on to learn more about the improvements you can make by adding a lighting control system to your home.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Project


Get Top-Quality Results for Your Property with Tips from Our Pros

We can list several reasons why a landscape lighting system is an essential addition to any property: It extends your time outdoors, increases home safety and security, raises property value, and transforms an otherwise dark and vacant house into a welcoming and beautiful home.

But installing a landscape lighting system takes planning and know-how. Otherwise, you may end up with incompatible components, imbalanced lighting, and angry neighbors who wince at the glaring light shining into their windows.

Before you add outdoor light to your Jonesboro, AR home, be sure to avoid these landscape lighting design mistakes and take note of the tips provided by our lighting pros.

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How Automation Helps You Reap the Benefits of Circadian Lighting


Experience a Lighting Solution That Anticipates Your Needs

How can you ensure the benefits of sunlight extend to the indoors? Add tunable lighting fixtures with color temperatures that mimic daylight. These fixtures combined with a lighting control system result in circadian lighting that improves your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Automation is vital in getting your circadian lighting to change throughout the day to match the sun's natural progression. Get the most out of the circadian lighting in your Jonesboro, AR, by crafting dedicated scenes that direct color temperature to shift according to an astronomical clock.

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Partner With A Professional For True Circadian Lighting


DIY solutions do not offer the precision and healthbenefits of a professional installation

How often do you spend time outside? Our ancestors spent almost all their time outdoors, and our bodies evolved accordingly. Now, the average person usually spends an hour at most outside during the day. Our lifestyles have changed, but our bodies haven’t. When you spend all your time inside, you could develop health problems like mood swings or restless sleep. Circadian lighting offers a solution to this by bringing the benefits of sunlight indoors. And when you partner your lighting control with a home automation system like Crestron, adjusting your life has never been easier. Learn why you should trust a professional with your circadian lighting installation in Little Rock, AR.

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How Human Centric Lighting Benefits Our Lives in the Winter


Emulate Natural Lighting in Your Home to Combat the Winter Blues

Human-centric lighting is a term that gets tossed around in the smart technology industry a lot, and it’s gaining a lot of buzz for the wellness benefits it can bring into the home. What is human-centric lighting exactly? To put it simply, it’s an LED lighting technology that changes in color temperature and brightness to mimic the different levels of sunlight throughout the day.

As humans, we need adequate sunlight exposure for many reasons, but unfortunately, we spend most of our time indoors with stagnant artificial light—especially during the winter. To combat this, many people are exploring how human-centric lighting can positively impact their day-to-day during this season.

Keep reading to find out the benefits that human-centric lighting can bring to your Jonesboro, AR home.

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3 Must-Have Whole House Automation Scenes


Implement these scenes to simplify your life in Memphis, TN

When you use a whole-house automation system like Control4, your day will become easier. Smart homes use scenes to automate a series of tasks with just the push of a button. This means that you can simplify your daily routines, whether they be going to bed at night or even leaving for vacation. The only limit is your imagination, so we have listed a few essential scenes to get you started. Read our latest blog to learn about three scenes that will simplify your everyday life in Memphis, TN.

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