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Managing Natural Light with Custom Roller Shades

 Sunlight streaming through a sunroom with casual seating and a keyboard. Legrand motorized shades are partially drawn.

Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics and Your Family’s Well-Being

An integral aspect of lighting design is natural light. Before designers lay out the plans for electric lighting, those with a background in illumination and daylighting always prioritize using any available natural light. If you’re fortunate enough to have spaces where daylight enters your home, you’ll immediately notice the energy, beauty, elegant aesthetics, and sense of openness it brings. 

Even more important to many homeowners and designers are the physical and emotional effects of natural light. It alters the human body in profound ways, increasing the production of hormones and vitamins that enhance well-being, happiness, and energy levels. Imagine waking to sunlight streaming through your windows, and you’ll undoubtedly experience the satisfaction it brings.

The same light, however, has a dark side. Within its breathtaking rays lies ultraviolet light that can penetrate solid surfaces and damage most materials. That’s where custom roller shades come into play, protecting your home and family from damaging UV rays while letting in filtered light.

Let’s explore the possibilities for your Jonesboro, AR, home.

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Elevate Home Living with Designer Motorized Shades

Image is of a pair of off-white motorized shades pulled down over the windows in a home.

Upgrade your client’s space with chic new customized shades and blinds today!

When upgrading your client’s home, few additions offer customization options like motorized shades. With a blend of convenience, style, and functionality, homeowners and property owners can quickly and easily change a space's look and feel. As a member of the design community, you understand how important it is to craft an elegant living area. 

HomeTroniX is your trusted partner in bringing the benefits of motorized shading systems to homes across Rogers, Arkansas, and beyond. Whether you want to enhance privacy, control natural light levels, or simply add a touch of luxury, our expert installation team is here to tailor a solution that meets your client’s unique needs and preferences. 

Motorized shades are not just simple window coverings but a lifestyle upgrade. Here’s why they’ve become a necessity for homeowners looking to enhance their living experience:

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How Can a Building Automation System Benefit Your Company?



Companies are on a constant quest for innovative solutions that can boost operational efficiency, slash costs, and foster a healthier, more dynamic workspace. Standing at the forefront of transformative solutions is the building automation system, which consolidates various building functions into one streamlined platform!

This includes the management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and security systems—all accessible through a single, centralized interface. In this blog, we’ll explore the vast array of benefits that a building automation system brings to your Jonesboro, AR, company and reveal how it can profoundly enhance your business operations overall.

Keep reading below for more!

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