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Going Beyond Audio & Video with Your Home Theater Design

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Enjoy These Must-Have Additions in Your Personal Cinema Space

Everyone knows that larger-than-life audio and video experiences are the main draws to upgrading entertainment spaces, but did you know there are other details you can add that will take your home theater design to new levels of excitement? 

From luxurious, plush seating perfect for movie marathons to a picture-perfect design scheme, a media room or home theater can reflect your personal style while immersing viewers in jaw-dropping scenes and heart-stopping gameplays! Movies, games, sports, TV shows, and other media are all better when you partner with a professional home theater integration team like HomeTroniX. 

Read along below to discover five of our favorite must-have additions to home theater rooms in Memphis, TN, and beyond!

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1. Comfortable Seating

Craning your neck from side to side to see the entirety of the screen is no way to binge your favorite TV shows! Not only should your home theater space include perfectly placed surround sound speakers and an appropriately sized TV display or projection screen and projector, but your seating should be addressed as well.

The primary viewing distance should be approximately three times the screen’s height and on-axis within 5 degrees. This ensures the most comfortable viewing experience with limited head and eye movement to see the screen in full. In addition to seating placement, consider fabric selections that won’t stick to your skin or cause discomfort when sitting for long periods of time. There’s nothing worse than trying to sneak out of the movie room for a quick bathroom break, only to disturb everyone with a squeaky vinyl sound as it unsticks from your skin!

2. Surge Protection

Your home theater will include several audio/video components and electronics requiring constant power for guaranteed performance. Blackouts, brownouts, and dirty power can harm the delicate inner workings of your technology, so investing in surge protectors is a must! Our team will ensure this is addressed in our systems designs and installations, but consider this for the other technology-heavy spaces in your home.

3. Wall Sconces

A well-designed home theater will incorporate several types of lighting, from ambient lighting between feature films to pathway lighting for safe snack refills and bathroom breaks. Wall sconces add a subtle wall-wash feature to the sides of the room without adding glare or detracting from the image on the big screen.  

4. A Fun Theme

No home theater design is complete without a fun theme. If you’re a Star Wars buff, add star ceiling panels for a twinkling scene reminiscent of a galaxy far, far away. If your home theater is used primarily for bringing stadium cheers into your home, then consider furnishings and decor that match your team’s colors. Or opt for a classic gold and black theme that’s straight out of The Great Gatsby. The options are nearly endless, and the HomeTroniX team can make it happen!

5. Popcorn Machine

Of course, no Netflix binge or movie night is complete without ample snack selections. At the back of the home theater room, add a popcorn machine and small refrigerator - or better yet, a bar area - so there’s always something to enjoy while you’re in your personal cinema room!


When brainstorming your wants and needs for your future home theater design, it’s important to consider more than just audio and video. Let the HomeTroniX team change the way you entertain! Connect with our team here or chat with us below to get started on your next project.

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