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How Crestron Simplifies Control of Your Entertainment


Watch and listen to all of your favorite content no matter where you are in your home with Crestron whole home audio video 

Crestron home automation systems are well-known for their ability to control all of your smart technology in one centralized location. But did you know that it also functions as an audio-video distribution system? As a result, your Crestron system can connect to a wide variety of media sources while still preserving both the audio and video quality. Best of all, it's easy for the whole family to use! Read on to learn how a distributed whole-home audio and video system from Crestron will bring streamlined entertainment to your home in Memphis, TN.


Your Favorite Media, Everywhere

Crestron AV distribution systems use your home network to route the highest-quality audio and video around your home efficiently. Every TV can receive 4K 60 Hz video, and every room can have up to 24 bit/192 Hz audio quality, which should please audiophiles and videophiles alike. 

Do you have different components in every room? There is no need to unplug the kids’ PS5 and move it to another room when you want to watch the news. Every component is connected to every display and speaker so that you can watch or listen to anything, anywhere. 

Stream from your Roku in the living room, watch cable news in the dining room and play Spotify throughout your home with ease. You can even reduce the number of components you need in your home—there is no need for a component in every room.

Declutter Your Space

If you have several audio-video systems, the chances are that your coffee table, counter, or entertainment center has a pile of remotes that makes your space seem messy. Too many control methods make switching inputs, getting the correct audio levels, selecting playlists, and more difficult. Every room might even have different streaming devices, audio sources, and video components! 

Declutter your home by installing a centralized control system. Crestron makes it easy to control all of your audio and video components from one centralized interface. Use your smart device, a touch screen tablet, or wall keypad to make adjustments to all of your smart technology easily. With just a few taps, you can play the same song in every room of your home or different music in every room, adjust the volume of every high-performance Tru Audio speaker, and more!

You can also rackmount your Crestron AV distribution system in a cabinet or closet to keep your AV equipment in a single central location. This makes it easy to access all of your equipment for troubleshooting, software updates, and repairs. In addition, audio-video components will no longer distract from your interior design, and wiring will be carefully concealed for a sleek and stylish space.

Our professional staff is here to serve as your technology advisor that educates and guides you to solve all your current and future technology needs. Start today by calling us at (870) 336-4669 or filling out our online contact form.

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