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Let Colorbeam Transform Your Landscape Lighting in Any Season


Light Up Your Landscape and Architectural Features with Colorbeam’s Brilliant LED Light System

It’s that time of year when extravagant house lights begin popping up across town to celebrate the holiday season. But what if your outdoor lighting could look breathtakingly beautiful 365 days a year?

What if light colors could transform, highlighting your landscape features in arctic blue one day and then crimson red and emerald green tones the next? What if you could spend your evenings entertaining friends and family in a yard illuminated in light that glowed like golden candlelight?

With Colorbeam’s innovative proprietary low voltage technology that delivers flawless dynamic lighting in millions of colors and intensities, you can. Let’s look at what Colorbeam’s lighting control system can do for your Jonesboro, AR home.

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An Artist’s Palette

With all the colors in the visible light spectrum to choose from, the artist within will revel in the 16 million shades of white and colored light available to light the night.

Additionally, Colorbeam’s patented GATEway processor enables flicker-free dimming and mimics the sun’s natural light patterns.

Today, beautiful landscape lighting has created an extension of our homes, drawing us out to patios and yards or, when nights are colder, allowing us to look through our windows to a space that appears transformed.

Lights for Specific Effects

Colorbeam’s LED outdoor lights come in spotlights, floodlights, pathway lights, linear bars, tape lights, in-ground lights, twinkling string lights, and more. When integrated with smart home automation, our certified technicians can program lights to come on automatically based on events or the time of day.

For example, floodlights can suddenly illuminate an area when motion is detected. We’ll also program different scenes for various occasions, such as entertaining, dinner, or movie night.

Pathway lights can highlight walkways in soft diffused lighting, in colors that accentuate stone, brick, or wood. In addition, LED tape lights will enhance architectural elements and increase safety by beautifully illuminating stairs and railings.

Colorbeam’s string lights that appear as fireflies and starlight during the summer months can morph into blue, crystal white, or red and green festive decorations during the holidays. No more intensive ladder climbing and stringing lights. Instead, the lights change to your desired hue with just one touch on a tablet, touchscreen, or remote.

Decreased Energy Consumption

Low voltage LED fixtures consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs that generate light when the electricity heats a tungsten filament. In addition to saving energy, LED lights also last 50 times longer.

At HomeTroniX, our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality, affordable home automation solutions, including intelligent lighting control. To learn more about smart home lighting control systems or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below.

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