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3 Reasons a Custom Home Theater Is Better Than Your Local Cinema


Enjoy More Content Choices, Better Picture and Custom Surround Sound at Home

Anyone who has been to the movies knows nothing quite compares to the emotional experience of sitting in undisturbed darkness while immersed in larger-than-life picture and enveloping sound.

Now, the experience that was once reserved only for the cinema can live right inside the comfort of your home, thanks to incredible advancements in streaming content and the quality of audiovisual solutions.

Below, explore three ways a custom home theater designed by our team at HomeTroniX not only brings the cinematic viewing experience to your Jonesboro, AR home but outweighs making the trip to the nearby movie theater.


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Nearly Endless Content

It’s not impossible to binge-watch movies at the theater, though it’s both costly and limiting. Your only options are the movies that are being played that day, and coordinating showtimes is tricky. At home, you have access to nearly endless content that you can play, pause, rewind, and stop at your convenience.

Digital streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO NOW offer virtually unlimited content that rivals Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Select from a wide variety of TV shows, miniseries, films, and original content—many in 4K UHD—that you’ll never see at the local movie theater.


Immersive Picture

Your nearby theater likely wins in screen size, but a quality home theater designed by our team will ensure your display fills up just as much of your field of view, depending on where you’re sitting. Whether you desire a TV screen or projector, we’ll position and calibrate your display to create the same immersive image you’d experience at the theater.

Additionally, very few theater screens rival the deep black levels and high dynamic range offered by today’s modern home displays. No matter the size of your home theater space, we’ll install the perfect-size display that showcases vivid detail and eye-popping color from any seat in your home theater. Plus, you’ll no longer have to suffer through front-row neck pains or a race for the perfect center seat.


Custom-Tailored Sound

While the commercial cinema is equipped with dozens and dozens of speakers, quantity isn’t always better than quality. For the perfect audio experience, the magic lies not in the number of speakers you have in your home theater but in proper room design and technology calibration.

Our team at HomeTroniX can custom tailor the sound for every seat in your home theater so that the audio hits perfectly for each person in the room. Whether you prefer stately floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, or concealed in-wall speakers, you’ll enjoy impressive cinematic surround sound every time you sit down to watch a movie.


Enjoy the emotional experience of the cinema without ever leaving home by investing in a personalized theater room. With well over a decade of experience providing custom home theater solutions for our clients, we’re your trusted partner for luxury home entertainment.


Learn more about our home theater solutions or get started on your dream home theater today by contacting our team here. We look forward to assisting you!

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