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Improve your Little Rock, AR backyard with outdoor audio to give your summer entertainment a superior aural experience.

 Summer is approaching, and it’s the perfect time to step out on the patio and relax by the pool to enjoy hours of stress-free entertainment with your family and friends. The summer holiday can be completely transformed into a special celebration with outdoor audio that allows you to listen to your favorite music in high quality and superb performance. Would you like to have the best audio available for your backyard? Read on to learn how outdoor audio will enhance your entertainment this summer at your Little Rock, AR home.

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TruAudio offers high-end audio with a unique style. These speakers are an excellent fit for any outdoor installation. So whether you want to enjoy every detailed note in your favorite music or want an exceptional listening experience in every game you watch, TruAudio can deliver audiophile levels of quality outdoors.

To create the right sound field in your backyard, it is necessary to understand how sound is dispersed on your patio. Our audio experts will create an outdoor audio setup that ensures even, balanced, sound throughout your space. We also design a control system that is easy to use, ensuring that you can easily play whatever you want to hear at the right level and with the highest quality.


Since these speakers are designed for outdoor use, they can withstand rain, cold, snow, heat, and other outdoor elements. TruAudio speakers are built with tested and proven materials such as woven carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and polypropylene for years of trouble-free performance.


By installing outdoor audio in your backyard, you will be able to integrate it with your current sound system, allowing easy access and full control of what you hear through your smartphone or tablet. Turn on your speakers, configure the sound, and modulate the bass and treble from your device. Then, choose your favorite playlist and press play to enjoy hours and hours of entertainment with unparalleled sound.

Trust only the experts in outdoor audio! HometroniX understands the challenges of outdoor sound and the right systems to employ for your specific installation.

Are you ready to start your outdoor audio project? Contact us or fill out our online form to learn more about our outdoor audio solutions. Together we can make this summer the best summer ever!

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