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Outdoor sectional sofa in a garden gazebo

Listen to your favorite songs by the pool or host an outdoor movie night with high-end audio and video.

Music, podcasts and movies are better outside! It's not a coincidence that drive-in cinemas are something we still enjoy today. With outdoor entertainment, you have the freedom to listen to your favorite tunes by the pool, grill out while listening to your favorite podcast and have movie nights with family and friends. When you have the opportunity to experience outdoor entertainment, you will never want to go back to basics. Get the best entertainment for your Memphis, TN home with an expertly installed outdoor entertainment system. Read on to find out what HomeTroniX can do for you.

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Gatherings with friends and family are better when you have an entertainment system that allows you to fill the patio with high-quality audio and video. With HomeTronix, you get expert integration of audio and video components that exceeds all expectations. You may wonder if having a TV outdoors is the safest thing to do, and we can confidently answer that it is. Now you can watch your games in ultra high definition without fearing your TV getting damaged or losing quality over time because outdoor TVs are specially designed to provide the same stunning images over the years.

Outdoor TVs are made with a durable enclosure, and the components are designed for permanent outdoor installation. The enclosure protects the entire component from rain, snow, dust, salt, insects and other natural elements. Your TV, combined with your outdoor audio system, will guarantee hours of spectacular video entertainment every day.


Outdoor entertainment isn't complete without an audio system that allows you to pump up your favorite tunes and listen to every action of the Memphis Tigers' basketball games to perfection. Integrated into the architecture and landscape, outdoor speakers fill the backyard with high-definition audio that allows you to fill the space with well-balanced notes and dramatic tones. The speakers you can choose from to find the optimal sound for your outdoor space vary from landscape speakers that blend in among the plants to architectural speakers that go unnoticed on the walls and ceilings of your deck.

HomeTroniX will help you create the optimal sound field without excessive volume interfering with conversations or jumping over the fence and disturbing neighbors. To create a true audio-visual paradise for your smart home, we will help you choose and integrate different audio components that blend seamlessly with your home's exterior aesthetic, providing quality audio on the terrace, the pool, and the patio.


If you need more information about outdoor entertainment or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation, please contact us or fill out our online form. We look forward to working with you!

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