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Motorized Shades Make Summer More Enjoyable

outdoor patio area with Hunter Douglas exterior motorized shades.

Prepare for A Season Filled with Luxury & Comfort at Home

With the weather warming up in the Memphis region, there are a few ways to improve your Tennessee living experience this time of year. Motorized shades can elevate both your interior and exterior spaces with the simple press of a button. Inside, you’ll have natural sunlight without the glare, and outdoors, you’ll prevent pesky insects from bothering you and your guests.

To discover more about this versatile smart home solution, keep reading below.

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Shading Quality Matters

Window treatments are one home addition that gets used essentially every day. That means high-quality fabrics and materials must be utilized to offer years of functionality without performance degradation. That’s why the HomeTroniX team utilizes top-in-class brands such as Hunter Douglas and Universal Screens.

Indoor Shades

For your interior living spaces, manual and motorized shades and shutters offer a touch of style to your interior design, along with energy savings and convenience. HomeTroniX offers several styles that are sure to meet both your budget and stylistic taste.

Choose from sheer roller shades that reduce the harshness of the sun’s rays without blocking the beautiful Tennessee horizon seen from the window or blackout shades in the bedroom to ensure a peaceful night’s rest without distracting ambient light.

Honeycomb shades are a good way to insulate your home, blocking heat gain in your interior living spaces in the summer and trapping a layer of warmth between the window and shades during the winter. Regardless of the season or the shading style in a room, having the ability to manage window treatments with the press of a button on a smartphone or tapping a setting on an on-wall keypad is the ultimate luxury living experience.

Outdoor Shades

Just as there are various fabric opacities for interior shades, there are several options for exterior shading selections as well. The HomeTroniX team can help you select the ideal shading option that complements your exterior decor without being obtrusive. You’ll be able to reduce heat, deter mosquitos and other insects, and protect your furnishings and skin from harmful UV rays. 

With exterior shade solutions, your patio becomes a four-season space. Block chilly wind in autumn or raindrops during a spring rain shower; add privacy from nosy neighbors while watching the big game outdoors, or enjoy the warmth of a breezy summer without the bugs. The possibilities are practically endless.

Connect with the HomeTroniX team today to start a conversation about what’s possible for your Tennessee home’s interior and exterior shading solutions. Managing smart home technology is exciting when you partner with a professional team!

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