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The Ultimate Luxury Living—Smart Home Automation

An open-air floor plan with a kitchen and living area featuring recessed lighting and in-ceiling speakers.

The Difference Between Smart Home Control and Home Automation

In 2016, a Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey found that almost half of the 4,000 homeowners surveyed had smart home technology already or planned to invest in it soon. This survey rocked the once-held belief that 2020 would be the year that smart homes went mainstream. Today, according to Oberlo, over 60 million households are using smart home devices.

Are you one of them?

Let’s explore what smart home automation means in 2023 in Little Rock, AR. 

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A Connected Home

Smart devices offer incredible convenience, and when connected to a home automation platform, that convenience magnifies exponentially. You can now manage your lights, climate, entertainment, pool, spa, and many smart devices from one user-friendly platform. Check a touch screen found in nearly every room or pull out your smartphone to see what lights and TVs are on and if the doors are locked. Then, manage them with one touch. 

When you’re away, pull up the app on your smartphone and adjust the temperature, heat the spa, and turn on the lights so your home’s ready for your arrival. When it’s time for dinner, tap the “Dinner” button on an on-wall keypad, and the lights dim, the shades lower, and soft jazz streams through your home via your whole-home audio system. It’s a life of ease, enjoyment, and extreme comfort. 

An Automated Home

A smart home, however, can do so much more. The automation aspect refers to a house that automatically creates the perfect environment based on preset schedules, location, and other factors. It’s a customized smart home that’s designed with your lifestyle in mind. 

For example, it considers your morning routine and performs many of the details for you. This may include raising the motorized shades at dawn, streaming your ‘Rise N’ Shine’ playlist through the bedroom speakers, heating the exercise room, and turning on an exercise video on the 4K HDR TV. 

In the evening, your automated home lowers the motorized shades, locks the doors, turns on the landscape lights, and dims the interior lights to warm, soft golden hues. When you settle down to watch a movie with the family, blackout shades lower, the lights turn off, and the surround sound speakers turn on when you turn on the TV. When you retire for the day, it turns off all the lights and audio-video equipment and arms the alarm. It does this and so much more to create a stress-free life of luxury.

As you can imagine, once you’ve lived in a smart home, it’s hard to imagine life without one. 

At HomeTroniX, we design, install, and service customized, intuitive smart homes, integrating the latest technologies that are easy to use. Since 2014, we’ve set the benchmark for high-quality, more affordable home automation. To learn more about smart home living or to schedule a consultation, contact HomeTroniX today. 

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