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conference room with screen and smart shades

Integrate Crestron's Technology To Your Business & Manage Your Online Conferences Like An Authentic Tech Savvy

Many people dread having presentations at work, and part of it is going through the tedious task of connect cables, download applications, open software and connect multiple devices. With our solutions, it doesn't have to be that way anymore! Video conferencing is now wireless with Crestron. Connect instantly and bring your meetings to life seamlessly from any device. Through wireless technology, faster and smarter video conferencing in your Little Rock, AR, holding virtual business meetings is now as easy as walking into your conference room and getting started. Read on to learn more about video conferencing with Crestron.

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With the Crestron AirMedia smart conferencing system, you can control it all. Your collaborators can bring their devices into meeting rooms, share content, and even communicate virtually without connecting cables whenever they want to share something on the screen. AirMedia wireless conferencing technology makes it easy for everyone to join and bring meetings to life from any device instantly.

Imagine walking into the conference room and having your Crestron system automatically turn on the lights, the projector screen lowered for the presentation, and the audio system turned on without you having to touch anything. Wouldn't that be great? Crestron can also make this possible and completely enhance the way you do video conferencing.


Just like your home uses WiFi for a wirless connection of your devices and streaming platforms, your business should stay connected the same way. With a strong network and the Crestron AirMedia system, you can share documents, video, audio and digital content. When you connect to the Crestron system, you simply swipe, tap and click on your device, and everything shows on the big screen for you to share with everyone in the conference room. 

Before, it wasn't very pleasant to deal with different operating systems that often could not coexist in the same technological ecosystem. Now you can share from any Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone device. As long as everyone is wirelessly connected to the AirMedia system, they can see any content you share. Your employees and clients will be grateful that a simple video conference doesn't turn into a nightmare of wires, muffled conversations and lagged video.


If you have a conference room with a Crestron system, you are already one step ahead in smart technology for your business. Video conferencing becomes simple and doesn't require hours of connecting cables, verifying audio and linking cameras. In addition to AirMedia, Crestron allows you to integrate automation solutions such as lighting control, motorized shades and climate control systems to make your video conferencing more enjoyable and professional.

Start your video conference, and Crestron will automatically lower the shades and dim the lights in the conference room so that you and your presentation and the only ones that shine and attract the attention of your collaborators and clients.

Are you ready to elevate your business and video conferencing with intelligent solutions from Crestron? Contact us or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation call. We look forward to working with you!

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