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Boost Your Entertainment with Whole Home Audio

A living room with gray sofas, flatscreen TV on the wall, and floor-standing speakers

Stream music in every room by adding a whole-home sound system

Home entertainment can never be complete without music, especially if you consider yourself an audiophile. But instead of installing large speakers in just your media room or a dedicated listening room, you can stream music throughout the house without consuming needless space. A whole-home audio system offers access to your favorite music through discrete speakers installed throughout the house. Whole-home audio lets you entertain guests and family without compromising sound quality or the home’s aesthetics.

Read on to discover the entertainment benefits of home audio systems for your Memphis, TN, residence.

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Stream Music Seamlessly Throughout Your Home

The whole concept of whole-home sound systems is to enjoy music throughout the house. Instead of only listening to songs in a media room, you can stream any audio, and it will be played throughout the home. Manage it all from a touchpad, app or even voice commands.

You can also play different audio in different  zones. For instance, the dining room can have soft and soothing music playing in the background, while someone in the kitchen can listen to a podcast or the news while cooking. That way, everyone at home can benefit from the sound system individually.

Outdoor Music That Doesn’t Disturb Your Neighbours

One of the best features of whole-home sound systems is that they provide home entertainment throughout your residential space, including outdoor areas. What you play indoors can also be streamed outdoors. It’s an excellent solution for throwing outdoor parties, especially if you have a pool. But that doesn’t mean the music has to be unbearably loud, which disturbs the peace and quiet of your neighbors.

With professional installation, the integrators will ensure that your speakers produce high-quality sound that cuts through outdoor noise, allowing you to play songs at lower volume level while still hearing every detail. 

Reduced Clutter with In-Wall and In-Ceiling Installation

A whole-home audio system uses in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that remain hidden behind your home’s décor. The subtle installation prevents cluttering, unlike floor-standing speakers. Consequently, the speakers aren’t distracting and ensure your home’s aesthetics aren’t compromised. The best part is that the sound quality remains high-class, allowing you to listen to every beat and note like it was meant to be heard.

Seamless Connectivity with Home Automation

Your home audio system can be connected to you automation system, allowing you seamless control. All your music needs can be covered with a single button press. In most cases, the sound system can be operated using only your smartphone. No matter what room you are in, a tap of your fingers will play your favorite songs instantly.

Boost your home’s entertainment today with a whole-home audio system. HomeTroniX offers the best home audio solutions for homeowners in Memphis, TN. We can help you design and customize your music system, covering the entire residence. Call (870) 336-4669 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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