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Experienced the Nuanced Detail of Focal High-End Audio Speakers


Stunning audio that brings unmatched precision and purity to your favorite music

Whether they are audiophiles or casual music lovers, most homeowners listen to their favorite playlists at home. So ditch the inconvenience of headphones and immerse yourself in your tunes with high-fidelity speakers from Focal! Discover tried and true classics or innovative new models that reproduce the entire audio spectrum in vivid detail.

Every Focal speaker is created in Saint-Étienne at a production site in the French Loire region. Choose from a wide variety of luxury product lines that combine innovative technology with careful design and exotic materials to create a truly unmatched audio experience. Keep reading to learn why we love working with Focal speakers in our high-end audio installations in Memphis, TN.


Leading Technology

Focal high-fidelity speakers offer the best in audio technology:

  • Innovation: Focal is one of the few audio manufacturers actively researching speaker driver technology to create new technology and leading high-fidelity speakers. Their products offer these latest enhancements and reproduce music as close to the producer intended.
  • High-Quality Materials: Focal also uses only the best materials in their product, such as pure beryllium, aluminum, and Kevlar, in their woofers and tweeters that keep their speakers light while maintaining rigidity that is 180-times the flexure of polypropylene-made speakers, improving overall audio quality.
  • Inverted Dome Tweeters: Unlike most speakers that use a classic dome, Focal uses proprietary cone technologies like their inverted dome tweeters that keep their speakers light and strong while minimizing distortion at higher frequencies.

Form and Function

Focal Speakers offer more than just high-fidelity performance. The pros at HomeTroniX will consider the layout of your room, the dimensions of your space, your style, and where you prefer your speakers to be located to choose the best models for your area. Each product will add beauty and style to your home, blending seamlessly with your interior design while simultaneously revolutionizing your listening experience. 

The Scala Utopia Evo floor-standing speaker allows you to personalize registers and fine-tune your sound. The Aria 926 three-way floor-standing speaker offers a timeless design that blends in with any area of your home. For your home theater, Dôme features a compact and elegant design in addition to its high performance. No matter your choice, you will enjoy studio-level audio quality.

Want to get the most out of your audio installation? Work with a professional to choose the right products for your space. To learn more about our smart solutions, call HomeTroniX at 479-439-8038, fill out our online contact form, or message us in the chatbox below. We look forward to working with you!

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