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How to Connect Employees With a Collaborative Conference Room Design

A team participates in a virtual meeting in an office conference room.

Productive Meeting Experiences Bring Remote and In-Office Teams Together

Collaboration is vital to successful hybrid and remote work, but without the right technology solutions to support virtual meetings, the experiences tend to fall flat. Enhance the collaborative environment of your conference rooms with an updated design that supports this type of distance communication.

Upgrading your conference room design is necessary, even if you do not employ a remote workforce. That’s because your clients and vendors may prefer face-to-face virtual meetings. In addition, investing in this meeting technology can reduce travel budgets and enhance phone conversations with more connected experiences.

Continue reading to learn how to update your conference room design for more connected and collaborative meetings in your Memphis, TN, office.

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Face-to-Face Builds Relationships

Some employees may not enjoy video meetings because they feel awkward on camera and nervous about potential technology snafus. Nearly everyone in the business community had the same concerns when video calling recently became a popular communication tool.

But today, video conferencing is the gold standard for business. It has become a second way of living for many professionals who used to travel frequently for client meetings. And so, ensuring your conference room has the right technology and layout to support high-quality conference calls is essential to making your teams feel more comfortable holding meetings this way.

Here are some design tips for enhancing video conference calls in your office.

  • Simulate face-to-face conversations to build relationships by placing the web camera near the television screen. This placement facilitates a more natural exchange when you look at the other person as you speak.
  • Produce clear, quality sound with updated audio systems, including microphones and speakers.
  • Ensure network bandwidth can support video conferencing.
  • Brighten conference room lighting and block out ambient light for a clearer image.

Meeting Tools

Take your conference room design to the next level by adding collaborative meeting tools like digital whiteboards and more intelligent web cameras that follow the speaker. These tools make meetings with larger groups of people much more effective and collaborative.

Plan Employee Training

As mentioned above, new technology can add stress to the workplace, as some employees may not be comfortable learning new tools quickly. Once you have upgraded conference room designs and technology components, we recommend you hold several employee training sessions. Allow teams a hands-on opportunity to try the new systems and practice presenting online.

Consider providing printed guides or additional resources for employees to refer back to or to advance their skills. Ensure employees working remotely are also comfortable with the new technology tools, as they will find it harder to seek assistance while working remotely.

Bring your remote and in-office teams together with an enhanced conference room design that keeps employee collaboration and experience top-of-mind. The HomeTroniX team is here to support your conference room updates in the Memphis, TN, area, so reach out to us for more information.

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