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Avoid These 3 Common Conference Room AV Mistakes


Facilitate communication and collaboration with a properly installed conference room system

Technology has become the backbone of most businesses, allowing communication, collaboration, and more through intuitive devices that respond to just the tap of a button. Conference room equipment, in particular, is vital to everyday operations. Whether you are videoconferencing with remote employees, giving presentations to potential clients, or brainstorming with in-person workers, your AV technology should support you, not distract you from your work. Keep reading to discover three mistakes to avoid when installing conference room AV equipment in Little Rock, AR.


Choosing The Wrong Size Display

Our workplace is no longer just in an office. More employees than ever work from home, and digital solutions are connecting both in-office and remote workers to allow them to collaborate and communicate no matter where they are in the world. Video calls and screen sharing are becoming a normal part of everyday business operations. Having a reliable and crisp display in your conference room design is no longer just a luxury. It should be incorporated early on as a central part of the design.

Installing the wrong conference room display can complicate your work and reduce productivity. Before selecting one for your space, consider the requirements of your viewers, the distance from your display to each seat, and the types of content that you usually display. The screen should not go below the conference room table, as the image will not be visible. It should be installed in the perfect position so that viewers at the back of the room don't have to strain their eyes to see details, and those at the front of the room don't have to crane their necks.

Not Considering Audio A Priority

Audio is another essential component in your conference room design. When communicating with clients, remote employees, and business partners, having clear audio is important to sharing information and collaborating on ideas. Volume fluctuations and feedback can disrupt important conversations. If you cannot hear what the person you are conferencing with is saying or they cannot hear you because of a subpar microphone, having a successful meeting can be nearly impossible. Work with a professional to determine optimal microphone and speaker placement for a reliable videoconference every time. Directional microphones placed close to the sound source will prevent ambient sound from causing feedback, and carefully placed omnidirectional speakers make hearing every detail easy.

Forgetting to Install A Centralized Control System

Crestron Flex integrates video conferencing, scheduling, room management, content sharing, and more into a singular platform. Use any device to conduct wireless presentations, adjust your lighting, motorized shades, and climate with smart room control, and conduct productive video conferences. Connect your system to Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, or any compatible platform to collaborate easily. New features are always being added to increase your productivity! Crestron makes it easy to remotely monitor and manage your workplace technology, improve device uptime, and resolve events remotely. Setup is made simple with pre-wired systems: sign in or plug in to be instantly connected!

Impress your clients with an upgraded video conferencing system. Give us a call at 870-336-4669 or chat with us online. We would love to work with you!

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