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3 Things to Consider When Integrating Distributed Audio


Check out our tips for choosing the right solution for your unique needs

A distributed audio system can transform the way you listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more in your home. Easily listen to your favorite playlists as you move from room to room, and control your audio components and sources with just a few taps on your smart device of choice. But how do you select the right audio solution for your property? Discover three things you should consider when choosing the right distributed audio system for your home in Bentonville, AR.

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Transform Your Home Environment Inside and Out with Motorized Shades


Automated Shades Let You Tailor Your Home’s Environment in Any Season

Motorized shades may be one of those smart home technologies that, once experienced, you won't want to do without them. You don't even have to be interested in smart homes to appreciate what they can do for convenience, energy savings, and privacy. Who won't like the luxury of adjusting one windows treatment or an entire houseful with the touch of a button?

But it gets even better. Motorized shades can help you create the perfect environment in your Jonesboro home, indoors and out. With the varied weather in Arkansas that can go from mild and warm to cold snaps in winter, motorized shading solutions can create a more comfortable atmosphere in just about any season. Keep reading below to learn more about motorized shade options from Hunter Douglas and Universal Screens.

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How The Perfect Home Theater Design Will Change How You Entertain


Discover three ways that a dedicated cinema will improve your home entertainment experience

Nothing beats a weekend spent binge-watching Netflix or a movie night with your family. But, if you have been spending more time enjoying your favorite media at home, you might have realized that your audio video equipment needs an upgrade. After all, why not make a home entertainment oasis in the comfort of your home? A custom home theater designed by our experts at HomeTroniX offers many features perfect for bringing your favorite TV shows and movies to life. Keep reading to learn three ways that creating the ideal home theater design will improve the way you experience home entertainment in Memphis, TN.

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Avoid These 3 Common Conference Room AV Mistakes


Facilitate communication and collaboration with a properly installed conference room system

Technology has become the backbone of most businesses, allowing communication, collaboration, and more through intuitive devices that respond to just the tap of a button. Conference room equipment, in particular, is vital to everyday operations. Whether you are videoconferencing with remote employees, giving presentations to potential clients, or brainstorming with in-person workers, your AV technology should support you, not distract you from your work. Keep reading to discover three mistakes to avoid when installing conference room AV equipment in Little Rock, AR.

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3 Qualities of a Trustworthy Home Automation Company


Discover what sets HomeTroniX apart from other integrators in the Rogers, AR area

Many homeowners have begun to use smart technology to add convenience to their everyday lives. Perhaps you use Alexa to control your lights or an app to adjust your smart thermostat. Bring the comfort to the next level by working with a professional home automation company to bring an integrated system into your space! But how do you choose the right company to upgrade your space? If you are considering what home automation company is the best fit for your project in Rogers, AR, read on to learn three qualities that are the mark of a trustworthy integrator.

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