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Transform Your Home’s Lighting with Today’s Technology

A bathroom with recessed lighting and a view of the outdoors.

Create a Beautiful, Healthy, and Eco-Friendly Environment with Lighting Automation

There will come a time when our descendants will tour the local history museums and find light switches on the walls, unrecognizable relics of the past. One day in the not-too-distant future, they’ll fall into the same category as VHS tapes, cassettes, floppy disk drives, and paper road maps. 

For those who aren't quite convinced today's light switch will one day be obsolete, the latest advancements in lighting automation should sway you.

Let’s explore today’s trends in lighting and how it’s transforming homes in Little Rock, AR, and the world.

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Top 3 Movie Franchises to Enjoy in Your Custom Home Theater

Custom home theater with plush white seating and a large format projections screen with a Marvel movie showing

Take Immersive Entertainment to a New Tier of Excitement

There’s no lack of options when it comes to picking something to watch in your Memphis, TN, home with your family, especially with the numerous streaming services and media servers available these days. We must admit, we’re big fans of movies and TV shows, and one of the best ways to enjoy them is in a newly upgraded custom home theater

Stunning audio and video quality transport the viewer into scenes that directors painstakingly created as their artistic offering to the world. But with so many choices out there, how do you even begin to select what to watch during your next Netflix binge or movie marathon? 

Below, we cover three movie franchises that showcase the immersive experience that a custom home theater upgrade can offer. Keep reading to discover our suggestions!

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Today’s Smart Home Lighting Offers Effortless Control and Beauty

well-lit luxury home in the evening with colorful lighting and a firepit in the foreground.

Control Your Lighting with One Touch, Preset Scenes, or Automated Scheduling

When you imagine a lighting control system, what comes to mind? For those who have yet to enter the world of automation, their thoughts may turn to on-and-off light switches with dimmer controls. Others just entering the smart home arena may think of the one-touch or voice control, which allows them to adjust their lights in different rooms or their entire house. 

Today’s lighting control system offers so much more than that. Let’s explore what the latest technology brings and how it’s changing homes in Jonesboro, AR. 

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Bring Beauty and Ease of Living to Your Home with Motorized Shades

A woman staring out large picture windows covered by Hunter Douglas sheer window coverings in a living room.

Control Your Home’s Natural Light Effortlessly with Motorized Window Treatments

Imagine waking to early morning sunlight as your shades automatically rise to greet the day. Next, you walk into the kitchen, where daylight peers through sheer window coverings that retain your beautiful view of the outdoors. Throughout the day, your motorized window treatments allow just enough sunlight in to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while protecting your furniture and floors from the damaging effects of UV rays. 

You no longer walk to the windows to lower the shades when direct sunlight makes it difficult to see your computer screen or TV. Now, you control the light with one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad, remote, touchscreen, or mobile device. All that and more is possible with motorized window treatments in your Fayetteville, AR, home. 

Let’s explore the possibilities. 

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Get High-Quality Home Networking for All of Your Devices

Woman sitting on the floor on an orange rug in front of a gray couch while typing on her laptop

Learn about the Importance of a Reliable Network in a Smart Home

When you own a smart home, you want everything to run, well, smartly! Otherwise, what’s the point of having smart home technologies? However, if you don’t prioritize sourcing a quality home networking company to power your network devices, you could find yourself in a tough spot. 

An effective home internet and Wi-Fi network will get you through your day with ease and prevent you from experiencing any technology interruptions while you work or enjoy your leisure time. You’ll need to make sure you opt for a system that can handle all of your smart technology for the best results.

At HomeTroniX, we make sure you have the best home networking system so your smart home in Jonesboro, AR operates optimally. Please keep reading to learn more about our offerings.

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