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Let Colorbeam Transform Your Landscape Lighting in Any Season


Light Up Your Landscape and Architectural Features with Colorbeam’s Brilliant LED Light System

It’s that time of year when extravagant house lights begin popping up across town to celebrate the holiday season. But what if your outdoor lighting could look breathtakingly beautiful 365 days a year?

What if light colors could transform, highlighting your landscape features in arctic blue one day and then crimson red and emerald green tones the next? What if you could spend your evenings entertaining friends and family in a yard illuminated in light that glowed like golden candlelight?

With Colorbeam’s innovative proprietary low voltage technology that delivers flawless dynamic lighting in millions of colors and intensities, you can. Let’s look at what Colorbeam’s lighting control system can do for your Jonesboro, AR home.

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3 Key Questions About Whole Home Audio, Answered


Discover how you can enjoy music in every room of your home with an intuitive solution

How often do you listen to music in your home? Are you a fan of podcasts or audiobooks? No matter how you enjoy audio, a multi-room system makes it easy to control your speakers from an intuitive interface. With just a tap of a button, you can listen to your favorite tunes throughout your home or a different song in every room of your home. Keep reading to learn the answers to three common questions about whole-home audio for homeowners in Little Rock, AR.

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Crestron Smart Lighting Control Offers Customized Solutions


Discover how Crestron makes controlling all your lighting simple and smart

Crestron has long been a leader in the home automation industry, known for its customization options and easy-to-use systems. Crestron lighting is no different. Elegant, user-friendly lighting solutions offer personalization and style to your space.

Want to learn more about this life-changing technology? Keep reading to learn how Crestron smart lighting control will add comfort, convenience, and style to your home in Bentonville, AR.


Wired or Wireless Solutions

Crestron lighting solutions can be wired or wireless, meaning that whether your home is being built from the ground up or you are completing a minor retrofit, there is a solution that meets your needs. Crestron’s wireless keypads can be installed without the need for rewiring, which reduces time and labor costs that would be spent tearing walls open in an existing home.

Whether you go wired or wireless, you’ll be able to control all your lighting fixtures from an intuitive Crestron touchscreen, the Crestron Home app, elegant wall controls, and voice commands.

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Our Expert’s Favorite Home Security Systems


Discover why we love to work with 2GIG and Digital Security Control in our installations

With the holidays approaching, packages on the way, and vacations to visit planning imminent, it is more important than ever that your home is protected. Investing in a smart security system will bring you peace of mind whether you are staying home for the holidays or visiting family. But what security system is best for your family? Read on to learn about two home security system companies that we love to work with in our Jonesboro, AR installations.

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Hidden TVs That Blend in Seamlessly with Your Space


Future Automation and Samsung’s Frame TV offer stellar performance and unmatched style

The display in your media room, home theater, or entertainment setup captivates your attention when it is in use, but what about when it is off? Does the black screen distract from the room’s interior design? Consider installing a hidden TV in your space! Enjoy a high-performing TV when you want to watch your favorite movies and shows, and let it slip into the background when it is off. Discover two of our favorite hidden TV options for our clients throughout Memphis, TN: Future Automation and Samsung's Frame TV.

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