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Add Motorized Blinds to These Rooms


Add convenience to your lifestyle by installing automated window treatments throughout your home

No one likes getting up to adjust the shades. Wrestling with the cords, finding the perfect angle, and making changes throughout the day all cause unneeded stress. It is no wonder that some homeowners leave their shades permanently closed. Automated window treatments eliminate these frustrations by allowing you to adjust your shades with just the touch of a button on a remote or smart device. Read on to learn four rooms that need motorized blinds in your Memphis, TN home.

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Why Homeowners Love Alarm.com For Smart Home Security


Gain peace of mind with a security system that is intuitive and powerful

As the weather warms up, more families are planning vacations to spend time out of the house. Whether you plan to stay at home this summer or go away, a reliable smart security system will keep your family and property protected from any number of threats. Read on to learn why so many homeowners trust Alarm.com as their go-to smart home security system in Little Rock, AR.

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Where Should I Place My Outdoor TV?


Discover How to Decide the Best Location for Your Outdoor Entertainment Setup

Summer means barbeques with friends, pool parties with the kids, and stargazing on the patio. Is your backyard ready for increased use? Installing a comprehensive outdoor entertainment system will add another layer to any backyard get-together. But where should you place the centerpiece of your entertainment system, the outdoor TV? Read on to learn what you should consider when making that decision for your Rogers, AR outdoor living space.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Project


Get Top-Quality Results for Your Property with Tips from Our Pros

We can list several reasons why a landscape lighting system is an essential addition to any property: It extends your time outdoors, increases home safety and security, raises property value, and transforms an otherwise dark and vacant house into a welcoming and beautiful home.

But installing a landscape lighting system takes planning and know-how. Otherwise, you may end up with incompatible components, imbalanced lighting, and angry neighbors who wince at the glaring light shining into their windows.

Before you add outdoor light to your Jonesboro, AR home, be sure to avoid these landscape lighting design mistakes and take note of the tips provided by our lighting pros.

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How Automation Helps You Reap the Benefits of Circadian Lighting


Experience a Lighting Solution That Anticipates Your Needs

How can you ensure the benefits of sunlight extend to the indoors? Add tunable lighting fixtures with color temperatures that mimic daylight. These fixtures combined with a lighting control system result in circadian lighting that improves your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Automation is vital in getting your circadian lighting to change throughout the day to match the sun's natural progression. Get the most out of the circadian lighting in your Jonesboro, AR, by crafting dedicated scenes that direct color temperature to shift according to an astronomical clock.

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