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Conserve Energy With A Lighting Control System


Dimmers and lighting automation make reducing your energy bills a breeze

Lighting is a utility that we use every day, but rarely do we think about customizing it to our preferences. There are only two modes: on and off. What if you could control your lighting further? With a smart lighting system, you can choose the intensity, color, and timing of your lights to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion. The benefits of lighting control don’t end with adding style to your home.  Save energy with dimmers and lighting automation and reduce your electricity bills. Read on to learn how a lighting control system will reduce your Memphis area home's energy bills.

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Upgrade Your Home Network to Wi-Fi 6


The latest Wi-Fi technology can support faster speeds and more smart devices in your Bentonville home

Americans are using their home networks more than ever, making a robust and reliable network infrastructure no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. As you put strain on your bandwidth, you might notice slower speeds, dead zones, or even a connection that continually fails. These are all good signs that you need to upgrade to a better home network. But should you replace your home network with the newest technology, Wi-Fi 6? Read on to learn more about Wi-Fi 6 and how it will improve the home networking system in your Bentonville area home.

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3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Climate Control System


Add convenience to your life and reduce your carbon footprint in Memphis, TN

The temperature of your home is pivotal in maintaining your comfort. As the weather changes throughout the day, you will need different temperatures to remain comfortable. With a regular thermostat, you continuously have to adjust things manually to respond to weather changes. A climate control system does away with this inconvenience by adjusting automatically to temperature changes, ensuring that the environment is always optimal. Read on to learn three reasons to invest in a climate control system for your Memphis, TN home.

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Partner With A Professional For True Circadian Lighting


DIY solutions do not offer the precision and healthbenefits of a professional installation

How often do you spend time outside? Our ancestors spent almost all their time outdoors, and our bodies evolved accordingly. Now, the average person usually spends an hour at most outside during the day. Our lifestyles have changed, but our bodies haven’t. When you spend all your time inside, you could develop health problems like mood swings or restless sleep. Circadian lighting offers a solution to this by bringing the benefits of sunlight indoors. And when you partner your lighting control with a home automation system like Crestron, adjusting your life has never been easier. Learn why you should trust a professional with your circadian lighting installation in Little Rock, AR.

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3 Must-Have Scenes For Your Motorized Shades


Automated window treatments simplify your everyday life in Jonesboro, AR

Automated window treatments from Hunter Douglas and Norman make it easy for you to open and close every shade in your home with just the tap of a button. When combined with a home automation system, your convenience is furthered with scenes. Active a sequence of events based on your individual preferences that make it easy to integrate your shades with the rest of the smart technology in your home. Read on to discover three scenes for your motorized shades that will add simplicity and convenience to your home in Jonesboro, AR.

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