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How Automation Helps You Reap the Benefits of Circadian Lighting


Experience a Lighting Solution That Anticipates Your Needs

How can you ensure the benefits of sunlight extend to the indoors? Add tunable lighting fixtures with color temperatures that mimic daylight. These fixtures combined with a lighting control system result in circadian lighting that improves your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Automation is vital in getting your circadian lighting to change throughout the day to match the sun's natural progression. Get the most out of the circadian lighting in your Jonesboro, AR, by crafting dedicated scenes that direct color temperature to shift according to an astronomical clock.

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4 Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Exterior Motorized Shades


Create New Possibilities for Your Outdoor Living Spaces

When summertime lures you to the outdoors, it doesn’t take long for heat and insects to force you back inside. Anticipated activities like reading on the patio or watching the sunset with a cold drink in hand can quickly be cut short when your outdoor living spaces lack protection from the elements.

Exterior motorized shades from Universal Screens conveniently safeguard you from pests and sun at the touch of a button without obstructing your outdoor views in Little Rock, AR. Enjoy improved comfort and privacy on your patio, balcony, or veranda while you spend more time breathing in fresh air.

Below are four ideas to help you make the most of outdoor shades and screens this summer and every season. Get inspired below!

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Trust A Professional With Your Custom Home Theater Installation


Learn why a DIY installation can cause you trouble both now and down the line

Do you miss going to the cinema and seeing a movie on the big screen? Homeowners everywhere are bringing this magical experience into the comfort of their own homes with customized home theater systems. Enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and more in an immersive cinematic environment. The installation process is made simple when you partner with an audio-video expert. Discover the benefits of trusting a professional to install your custom home theater in Memphis, TN.


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3 Reasons To Install Outdoor Motorized Shades


Universal Screens is an industry leader in outdoor automated screen solutions

As summer approaches, families all across Arkansas are preparing for fun under the sun. Homeowners are especially eager to utilize their outdoor living spaces. If you are preparing your porch or patio for summer fun, consider installing outdoor motorized shades for enhanced convenience and comfort. Quickly control each shade with a simple tap of a button on your remote or smart device of choice, and revel in the elegance it brings to your space. Read on to discover three reasons to install MotionScreens from Universal Screens, the industry-leader of outdoor motorized shades, in your Jonesboro, AR home.

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Discover The Best Outdoor TV For Your Property


Learn why our experts prefer The Samsung Terrace and Séura Televisions for outdoor entertainment

Outdoor entertainment has become more popular, and you may be considering an audio-video installation on your porch or patio. Your indoor 4K projector or television will not work well outside: it will not be bright enough to combat the sun and will quickly fall apart when exposed to harsh weather conditions. To get the most out of your outdoor entertainment spaces, you need a television crafted to function outdoors. But which televisions are weatherproof and bright enough to liven up your space? Our team partners with two of the best manufacturers in the industry. Keep reading to learn about two outdoor TVs that we recommend installing on your Memphis, TN property.

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