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4 Must-Haves for Premium Conference Room Design

Beautiful, light conference room design with motorized shades, lights, and AV equipment.

Streamline and Improve Productivity in Meetings With These Technologies

Conference rooms are one of the most important rooms in an office. It’s where you make a first impression on potential clients, encourage and motivate your team, and discuss important issues that can impact the success of your business. Such an important space needs a design that can impress outsiders, motivate employees, and streamline meetings. Keep reading to see four technologies that can enhance your Memphis, TN, conference room design

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Boost Your Entertainment with Whole Home Audio

A living room with gray sofas, flatscreen TV on the wall, and floor-standing speakers

Stream music in every room by adding a whole-home sound system

Home entertainment can never be complete without music, especially if you consider yourself an audiophile. But instead of installing large speakers in just your media room or a dedicated listening room, you can stream music throughout the house without consuming needless space. A whole-home audio system offers access to your favorite music through discrete speakers installed throughout the house. Whole-home audio lets you entertain guests and family without compromising sound quality or the home’s aesthetics.

Read on to discover the entertainment benefits of home audio systems for your Memphis, TN, residence.

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conference room with screen and smart shades

Integrate Crestron's Technology To Your Business & Manage Your Online Conferences Like An Authentic Tech Savvy

Many people dread having presentations at work, and part of it is going through the tedious task of connect cables, download applications, open software and connect multiple devices. With our solutions, it doesn't have to be that way anymore! Video conferencing is now wireless with Crestron. Connect instantly and bring your meetings to life seamlessly from any device. Through wireless technology, faster and smarter video conferencing in your Little Rock, AR, holding virtual business meetings is now as easy as walking into your conference room and getting started. Read on to learn more about video conferencing with Crestron.

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3 Ways You Can Use Hidden Technology

Fireplace with a hidden TV behind a painting.

Technology does not have to interfere with the aesthetic of your home!

Technology has become a crucial part of our daily lives; without it, we seem lost. When owning a property with great design and architecture, we may find that technology tends to break with the planned aesthetic. But great advances in home technology allow us to integrate entertainment, control and lifestyle systems without interfering with the look of your home. Read on to learn how hidden technology fits seamlessly into your Bentonville, AR home.

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Outdoor sectional sofa in a garden gazebo

Listen to your favorite songs by the pool or host an outdoor movie night with high-end audio and video.

Music, podcasts and movies are better outside! It's not a coincidence that drive-in cinemas are something we still enjoy today. With outdoor entertainment, you have the freedom to listen to your favorite tunes by the pool, grill out while listening to your favorite podcast and have movie nights with family and friends. When you have the opportunity to experience outdoor entertainment, you will never want to go back to basics. Get the best entertainment for your Memphis, TN home with an expertly installed outdoor entertainment system. Read on to find out what HomeTroniX can do for you.

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